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Great Vacation!' by Sleeping in the Aviary

 Sleeping in the Aviary is a group out of Minneapolis that’s currently out on tour. In the beginning of the summer they played with my friends band Pewter Cub (who I will talk about in another post). I was unable to attend the show due to a sudden sneak attack on my body by my eternal devious enemy sleep, but my good friend Leah was there. She was so impressed with this band, and was strangely reminded of me by the lead singer, she bought me this record thinking I would love it. It’s the third release from Sleeping in the Aviary and Leah was right, I love it.

  I can’t find much about the band or their members so I will not have my usual run down of their history and backrounds. I’ll stick to telling you what this record feels like. As for the music, it’s this odd mix of what the kids and top 40 DJs would call “indie pop”, hawaiian luas and psychedelics. The key to this strange mix working so well together is having the right amount of each sound and each instrument. Sometimes when recording music, you put things in that the average listen won’t hear. But if these things are taken out it’s very noticeable. These things are usually low talking vocals or strange noise parts and sometimes a tambourine or two. This band does that extremely well. Each song is a puzzle of instruments melding together in a very clean and pleasant way. 

  My favorite thing about this band is it’s sense of humour. Songs about getting laid before the ship you’re on sinks or the morbidly hilarious closing track ‘The Very Next Day I Died' are not only great, but will keep a smile on your face as it gets stuck in your head at the oddest times. More bands need to be willing to be strange and silly. Attack subject matters in a different way. It makes any song more interesting. 

  So, if you wanna hear more from Sleeping in the Aviary, they are out on tour. Just head over to their facebook for dates. If you want to hear more of their music, they have a bandcamp with this and all their releases up to listen to and buy. Until next time, enjoy.

Song: ‘You Don’t Have to Drive’



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Welcome Danny Potter!

Since I’ve had so much trouble keeping up in here, I’ve been looking for help. So here’s my fellow music junkie, collaborator and good pal Danny Potter to do just that. Be prepared for more weirdness from both of us. Enjoy!

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Happy New Year everyone.


Captain Beefheart

  I was planning on starting something like an artist spotlight on this site and with the unfortunate passing yesterday of Don Van Vliet, better known to the music world as Captain Beefheart. 

  The video above this is a documentary that aired on the BBC in 1997. If you don’t know who Captain Beefheart is, it’s a must watch. Your life will be changed for the weirder. In my opinion, The Captain is in a very special group of musicians. Along with Syd Barrett, Daniel Johnston and Wesley Willis, Captain Beefheart is truly unclassifiable. You cannot pin The Magic Band down. Don is absolutely unique and indescribable. The best I can do is tell you my “how I found Beefheart” story.

  Captain Beefheart and his Magic Band started me on the path to “weirdo” music. I discovered Beefheart from the most unlikely of sources, my friend Todd, who usually has pretty safe taste when it comes to music. What sparked both of our interest was a picture of John Lennon:

  On the cabinet behind him are two ‘Safe as Milk' stickers, which is Captain Beefhearts debut album. If it's good enough for John Lennon, I had to hear it. The album starts with a a blues lick on guitar and this voice, a lizard. A demon. After the first trademark Beefheart squeal the whole band kicks in with a shuffling groove that left my jaw hanging. By the end of side one, and that insane sound that ends 'Electricity’, I wanted to cry. I had wasted so much time trying to write music like others when all along I could just be my weird self. That’s what Captain Beefheart did for music. He showed everyone, weird can be good. Without him, the world seems a little too, grey. Nothing will ever be fast and bulbous again. 

 Any favorite tracks from The Captain or a story of your own? Let me know and I’ll put it up.


Current Tunes

  It’s too late for me to post a review today (I work midnights so it’s real late for me right now), but I thought I’d leave you with a list of records I’ve had on repeat for a bit. And here we go:

  • 'The Presidents of the United States' by The Presidents of the United States
  • 'How You Sell Soul to a Soulless People Who Sold Their Soul???' by Public Enemy
  • 'Comfort Eagle' by CAKE
  • 'The Transient' by David Dondero
  • 'God Dammit' by Alkaline Trio
  • 'Down with Liberty…Up with Chains!' by Chain and The Gang

  Be sure to check them out.

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Review This/
Jeff The Brotherhood are a fucking great band who are bringing back rock 'n' roll / hope to society and our fucked up world. This two-piece-band - with Jake, the guitarist, with only 3 strings and Jammin the chilled-as-fuck drummer- manage to rock harder than ever. As they describe it they're just chilled bros "getting wasted on fun"... they're just so serene as they effortlessly and genuinely set out to give us back some real music.

Molly <3

  Well, I do need help keeping this updated. Want to write it yourself and I’ll post it? The first track already sounds like Neu!, which is a great thing.


freekitten-deactivated20120221 asked: Oh man, thanks for this. Like, really, thank you!
I haven't seen this much passion since Conor Oberst's/ Bright Eyes' "Waste of Paint!
This is really great to hear and it's just so real. The sincerity and his approach are just SO fucking real and also very clever!! - hence making it applicable to most everyone's life
I love the fact you took your time to recommend this and I'm so glad I found your blog! haha ... let's just say I won't be bored for quite the while :)

Another customer serviced. But alas! Someone out there is listening to Waka Flocka Flame! I am needed. *flys away*